In 1966, the Aquitaine ’s Silver Coast’ was popularised by a big article in American Surfer magazine: “The ultimate combination of good waves, warm water and hot ladies…” Soon enough, surfers from all over the world joined the pilgrimage to France’s south-west. But despite the scenery and non-stop beaches, windsurfers and kiters have been slow to discover the region. The chances of wind are relatively low – high-pressure systems dominate in summer and while sea-breezes do work, they’re usually only enough for big kites. Plus, the Bay of Biscay’s low-pressure-dependant breaks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea: prevailing westerlies arrive onshore at most spots and conditions soon become manic – even locals prefer the inland freshwater lakes to the Atlantic’s wrath. The highest peak in Aquitaine is ‘Dune du Pyla’, Europe biggest at some 120m high.
Aquitaine copyright Patrice Faure

Spots in Aquitaine

Hourtin-Port, Lac d‘Hourtin
Lacanau Océan
Lac de Lacanau
Cap Ferret
Andernos, Bassin d\'Arcachon
Cazaux, Lac de Cazaux et de Sanguinet
Biscarosse Plage
Mimizan Plage
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