About 100km north to south, by area Auckland is one of the ten largest cities on Earth. Even so, no part of it is more than 10km from the ocean – its narrowest point being just 5km from east to west coast. With 1.3-million people yet a million boats, New Zealand’s capital earned the epithet ‘City of Sails’ – a big clue to the region’s watersport potential. Despite Pacific Ocean to the east, Tasmanian Sea to the west and myriad bays within city limits offering various options for every wind direction, the kite and windsurf scene has remained low key. However, the Kiwis’ laid-back friendliness always makes visitors feel very welcome.
Auckland copyright Nicole Hölker

Spots in Auckland

Manly Beach
Tindalls Beach
Army Bay
Shakespear Regional Park
Browns Bay
Lake Pupuke
Shoal Bay
Island Bay
Pt. Chevalier
Herne Bay
Tamaki Point
Mission Bay
St. Heliers
Tamaki River
Eastern Beach
Jenkins Bay
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