Bali is traditionally high on the list for surfers. Excellent waves, tropical climate, picturesque landscape and the spiritual harmony of a Hindu population make it the most popular of 13,000 Indonesian islands. Neither 30 years of tourism nor the senseless bomb attacks of 2002 and 2005 have changed anything. Bali’s south coast faces just the right way, presenting a row of world-class spots to the full power of Antarctic winter swells. While the myth that Indonesia has no wind endures, swell-rich June to September does coincide with easterly trades. The wind might not be reliably strong enough to make Bali a pure windsport destination, but visit at the right time with big kit and salvation awaits on the island of the gods.
Bali copyright Giancarlo Avancini

Spots in Bali

Black Sand Beach
Sanur - Kite Beach
Sanur Reef
Nusa Dua - Club Med
Nusa Dua – Geger
Pantai Brawa
Pantai Seseh
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