Côte d'Armor East

Neighbouring Brittany looks similar to Normandy, although their histories and traditions have evolved very differently. The ‘Breton’ language is still taught today, while national costumes and customs are kept alive via numerous religious pilgrimages and music festivals. Brittany is subdivided into L’Armor (“the land of the sea” with some 1,000km of coastline) and L’Arcoat (“the land of the woods” in which druids and the Knights of the Round Table once gathered). The emerald coast of Côte d'Armor East and [[REGION-228]] remain the most tranquil part of the region, with moderate wave and freeride conditions at places like the Saint-Jacut-de-la-Mer peninsula. Tidal knowledge is also indispensable here – Saint Malo is home to continental Europe’s highest recorded range.
Côte d'Armor East copyright Kristen Pelou

Spots in Côte d'Armor East

Plage Saint-Sieu, Lancieux
Grande Plage, Saint-Cast
Sables d’Or
Plage de Béliard
Les Rosaires
Les Godelins
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