Devon & Cornwall, North Coast

Devon & Cornwall, North Coast is England’s wavesailing showcase, a favourite weekend destination for the nation’s wavesailors. Prevailing south-westerlies are cross-shore at many beaches and what’s more, the exposed coast picks up almost all Atlantic swell. It’s rare not to find surf here, and the assortment of wonderful beaches and reef-breaks is virtually inexhaustible. The best-known spots are Gwithian and Daymer Bay while those looking for adventure shouldn’t miss Constantine Bay. For those windless days, a surfboard is essential or you’ll be kicking yourself watching from the cliffs. The best time to visit is September, when the water is still pleasantly warm and one low-pressure after another charges in from the Atlantic.
Devon & Cornwall, North Coast copyright John Carter

Spots in Devon & Cornwall, North Coast

Saunton Sands
Westward Ho!
Widemouth Bay
Daymer Bay
Constantine Bay
Watergate Bay
Perran Sands
The Bluff
Sennen Cove
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