East Coast & Jejudo

South Korea was a relatively unknown windsport destination until the PWA staged an event at Ulsan in 2007. There is a large windsurf community and a fledgling kite scene too, but let’s be honest: if you’re primarily looking for perfect conditions, there are better places. Korea is a journey of discovery through a land of extremes – one of the oldest and most traditional societies in the world, yet with an astounding rate of growth and development. The twisting, rangy topography is pervaded with ultra-modern infrastructure. And befitting this theme of contrasts, bitterly cold winters come as a shock after the sticky, hot summers. Whilst the PWA chose the south-east of the country, near Busan (populace 3.7-million, South Korea’s second largest city after 11-million metropolis Seoul), for its slalom events, the holiday island of Jeju-Do to the south offers the most variety.
East Coast & Jejudo copyright Jean Souville

Spots in East Coast & Jejudo

Pohang Beach
Jinha Beach
Songjeong Beach
Dadepo Beach
Hamo Beach
HyubJai Beach
Iho Beach
Samyang Beach
Hamdeok Beach
Jongdali Beach
Sinyang Beach
Supji Koji
Jungmun Beach
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