Fischer South

Visit the shores of Fischer South on the west coast of Jutland and you’ll be greeted with a typical North Sea vista – wide dune landscapes stage fantastic scenery and the whole coastline is one endless sandy beach, beyond which various sandbanks produce gruelling beach-breaks. All westerly winds create big waves and demanding conditions, although you’ll have to lower your standards if it’s pure westerly, since it blows dead onshore almost everywhere and – depending on windstrength – the North Sea often gets blown-out. The fall-back is Blåvand, where west to north-westerly is cross-shore. You’ll strike gold in a south-westerly or north to north-westerly at other top wave spots like Vejers, Henne and Rømø (which, unlike Sylt, is drivable over the dam). Hvide Sande and its harbour-wall are definitely worth a pop in any northerly direction as huge, clean lines roll in. It’s hardly surprising Fisher’s a popular weekend destination for Danes and Germans alike, yet overcrowding is unheard of on the expansive North Sea beaches. It can get busy at the most popular beginner / freestyle flat-water Ringkøbingfjord venues. But even when it does fill up in summer, everyone gets on – the atmosphere’s relaxed, just like the Danes themselves.
Fischer South copyright Jens Møller Olesen

Spots in Fischer South

Henne Strand
Bork Havn
Hvide Sande Nord
Hvide Sande Süd
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