Gold Coast & Brisbane

Don’t let the promise of ‘Surfers Paradise’ fool you! With 2-million visitors, the Gold Coast is Australia’s busiest holiday resort – more about mass tourism à la Majorca or Miami Beach than surfing perfection. There really are a heap of surfers though, the water’s warm, and reliable winds accompany a summer that lasts 6-8 months. Fortunately, the partying is focussed on the densely built-up Surfers Paradise with its hotels, apartment blocks and shopping centres. The rest of the coastal strip is much more relaxed, the forested inland virtually untouched, and the 1.8-million metropolis of Brisbane 50km north is considered Australia’s most liveable city.
Gold Coast & Brisbane copyright Pieter Plooy

Spots in Gold Coast & Brisbane

Kirra North
The Alley
Nobby's Beach
The Spit
The Train
Shearwater Street
Wellington Point
Woody Point
Scotts Point
Sutton Beach
Queen's Beach
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