Gulf of Thailand

Thailand is Southeast Asia’s most popular holiday destination, and the appeal is obvious: tropical character, palm-lined beaches, ancient forests and national parks, countless historical monuments, exotic food, hospitable people – and most important of all, typically cheap prices. First came the drop-outs and backpackers, then package and sex tourists, and luxury resorts steadily sprung up everywhere. Yet Thailand is almost a blank page for kiters and windsurfers – ironic, as few other countries are so deeply entwined with our sports. Almost all the international brands manufacture their stuff here – most production boards are built near Bangkok (in a lone, secretive factory) and a whole ancillary industry supplies all kinds of accessories. Can you get on the water though? Of course – but let’s be clear: searching for waves is futile in the Gulf of Thailand, and while the winds are perfectly constant they’re as gentle as the essence of the Thais. It’s all about truly relaxed freeride...
Gulf of Thailand copyright Richard Hallmann

Spots in Gulf of Thailand

White Sand Beach
Tien Beach
Hat Sai Keo
Ban Phe
Ram Pung Beach
Naklua Beach
Tabsai Beach
Hua Hin
KhaoTakiab Bay Beach
Pak Nam Bran
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