To most people, Kenya means safaris – or maybe trekking up Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya. But away from the lions, elephants and giraffes it also boasts over 500km of Indian Ocean coastline: a reef runs almost the entire length, about 1km out, throwing up decent waves offshore yet protecting dead-flat turquoise lagoons and powdery white sand beaches inside. So, don‘t just think safari; think surfari...
Kenya copyright David Sims

Spots in Kenya

Galu Beach
Galu Reef
Diani Beach
Diani Reef
Tiwi Rivermouth
Tiwi Beach
Nyali Beach
Nyali Reef
Shanzu Beach
Kilifi Creek
Watamu Beach
Watamu Reef
Malindi Town
Malindi Bay
Mambrui Beach
Lamu Island
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