Namibia’s anything but an average destination. Almost the entire coastal region is covered by the world’s oldest desert, the inhospitable Namib: plenty of sand, very few people. Plus deep waters and the icy Benguela Current cool the South Atlantic down to less than 15°C. Huge schools of fish and herds of seals bustle in the nutrient-rich waters, alongside numerous guys in grey suits. Once in a while reports of new speed records grab the attention of the windsport world, but otherwise little is known about ‘bleak country’ as the local ‘Nama’ call it in their native tongue.
Namibia copyright Jean Souville

Spots in Namibia

Swakopmund Rivermouth
Cape Cross
Walvisbay Lagoon
WalvisBay Speedstrip
Donkey Bay
Lagoon 2
Guano Bay
Grosse Bucht
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