Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland gained popular notoriety via ’80s headlines. All in the past now, and with 300 miles of coastline seemingly made for windsurfers and kiters you can always find a spot, as long as a north or southerly wind is blowing. The Atlantic swell doesn’t wrap this far around so the rule is; the more wind, the bigger the waves. The huge Loughs Neagh and Lower & Upper Erne are an added bonus. More like inland seas than lakes, powerful storms can produce great waves on their leeward banks. But the real breaks can be found on the north and north-east coasts. The North Antrim coast between Ballycastle and Magilligan Point is known as “Ireland’s North Shore”. Prevailing south-westerly winds are cross-off, but westerly wind and NW swell provide a rare treat.
Northern Ireland copyright Finn Mullen

Spots in Northern Ireland

Bangor, Ballyholme
Larne, Browns Bay
Bushmills / Bushfoot / Portballintrae
Lough Neagh, Antrim
Lough Neagh, Oxford Island
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