It sounds like a spurious Arabian Nights tale: a safe destination in the Middle East with reliable wind and excellent waves. But Oman, on the south-east Arabian Peninsula, can fulfil these claims. The Sultanate, which is 80% desert, is politically stable and economically prosperous thanks to its oil reserves. The people are liberal-minded and generally friendly – guests are warmly welcomed. More importantly, the summer SW Monsoon delivers decent swell and plenty of wind to the Arabian Sea coastline. Oman’s famous seafaring son Abu Ubaida bin Abdulla bin al Qassim, the inspiration behind ‘Sinbad the Sailor’, would surely have been a surfer today. To date a mere fraction of countless breaks on the 1000km+ east coast have been ‘discovered’. The 70km x 20km island of Masirah is relatively easy to reach, as is the region around the town of Assilah 250km north. From Muscat – the pristine capital with its mix of markets, oases, and date groves – to the ferry terminal of Sana takes about 4.5 hours on well-built roads through mountains and desert.
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Spots in Oman

Gazebo Point
Ras Jazirat
Ras al Ya
Fishermen’s Bay
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