Pas de Calais South

With over 400 spots, France caters for all tastes. The Strait of Dover (right next door to Belgium, and better known in France as ‘Pas de Calais’) has deservedly made a name for itself, particularly with wave spots like Wissant, Sangatte and Wimereux (see Pas de Calais North and [[REGION-46]]). Some even allude to the “Hawaii of the north” and the wind-stats belong in the Champions League too, as a cape effect and the English Channel Venturi form a high-scoring partnership. The rugged white chalk cliffs of the Côte d’Opale interrupt vast stretches of long, sandy beach to form a wonderful backdrop. Thanks to a relatively short drive it’s no longer just the preserve of the Paris scene, but also very popular with Belgians and Germans. But not too far from the popular classics, there is still an enormous spot diversity to discover – all with soul-surfing potential, provided you don’t venture too near the major seaports of Dunkirk, Calais or Boulogne…
Pas de Calais South copyright Olivier Caenan

Spots in Pas de Calais South

La Pointe aux Oies
Rade de Boulogne-sur-Mer
Baie de la Canche
Le Touquet
Eole Club, Berck
Les Sternes, Berck
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