Rio Grande do Norte

While photos from Cumbuco, Prea and Jericoacoara regularly make it into the glossy magazines these days, the state of Rio Grande do Norte south of Ceara has been largely ignored until now. Yet the wind probability here is also high, temperatures are also tropical, and beaches also wide. The beach-culture rivals its big northern brother too. Only the kite and windsurf facilities are much less developed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing for soul-surfers.
Rio Grande do Norte copyright Dietmar Stiplovsek

Spots in Rio Grande do Norte

Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinha
Tibau do Sul, Cacimbinha Lagoon
Barra do Cunhaú, Blue Dream Resort
Barra do Cunhaú, Highway To Hell
São Miguel do Gostoso, Reef
São Miguel do Gostoso, Lagoon
Tibau do Sul, Praia da Malembar
São Miguel do Gostoso
Praia do Marco
Praia de Perobas
Tibau do Sul
Pipa, Praia do Amor
Barra do Cunhaú
Bahia Formosa
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