Santa Catarina

Compared to Ceara or Natal, southern Brazil doesn’t just have another climate, it has completely different conditions to the northern regions too. Forget eternal summers, there are four distinct seasons here and the wind is supplied by trade winds as well as powerful frontal systems. The spot diversity is unique too, flat-water lagoons and freeride venues can be found alongside the country’s best waves; swell from the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties marches unchecked onto the SE-facing Atlantic coast. The most promising venues are grouped into three regions: Santa Catarina island (often also called Florianópolis or simply ‘Floripa’ after the state capital), the mainland coast extending south (offering top breaks like Ibiraquera and Garopaba), and finally the remote big wave spots beyond Laguna.
Santa Catarina copyright Leo Leick

Spots in Santa Catarina

Praia do Forte
Cachoeira do bom Jesus
Praia dos Ingleses
Moçambique - Canto das Aranhas
Moçambique - Camping
Moçambique - Casinha
Lagoa da Conceição
Praia da Pinheira
Barra de Ibiraquera
Lagoa de Ibiraquera
Praia da Vila
Itapirubá Norte
Praia do Sol
Praia Ipuã
Praia da Galheta
Praia do Cardoso
Praia Cigana
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