South Coast, East

Along the South Coast, East, the coastline becomes noticeably flatter. White cliffs give way to vast pebble beaches, shallow bays and ports such as Portsmouth and Chichester Harbour. Any SW Atlantic swell is absorbed by the Isle of Wight, so these spots are dependent on wind-generated waves. Nevertheless, you’ll still find waves here, though more for jumping than down-the-line riding. With miles of beach to choose from, there’s little danger of over-crowding. Most people tend to gather at the well-known spots of Hayling Island and the Witterings. Though conditions aren’t regarded as the most demanding Great Britain has to offer, they’re consistent and this stretch of coast has bred some real talent – top windsurfers Nik Baker and Robby Swift earned their spurs at the beaches of Shoreham and Hove. Even today, the population of kiters and windsurfers steadily continues to grow.
South Coast, East copyright John Carter

Spots in South Coast, East

Hayling Island
West Wittering
East Wittering
Bognor Regis
Hove Lagoon
Camber Sands
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