South Coast, WA

In contrast to the arid west coast, the changeable climate of Western Australia’s south coast has produced a wild natural landscape. Great tracts of land are covered in thick eucalyptus forests of enormous centuries-old trees. Its heavily eroded rocky coastline meanders around countless bays and long white beaches. The 800km between Esperance and Augusta host enough quality breaks for a whole lifetime of surfing – yet only a handful are regularly visited by anyone, let alone regularly surfed. Meanwhile Esperance has developed a worldwide windsurfing reputation, yet even here the locals mainly sail alone: the 700km trip from Perth plus less than consistent wind thwart many potential visitors. A real shame, as the Bay of Isles’ pure white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters are amazing while conditions can be second to none.
South Coast, WA copyright John Carter

Spots in South Coast, WA

Cape le Grand
Bandy Creek
Main Beach
Fourth Mile Beach
Observatory Beach
Lights Beach
Rame Head
Mandalay Beach
Malimup Beach
Jasper Beach
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