South Coast, West

Although an eternity of winter storms helped shape this part of the coast, the South Coast, West region enjoys a noticeably brighter and warmer micro-climate as the majority of rain from Atlantic lows has already been deposited over Cornwall. This has tempted many millionaires to settle here, alongside kiters and windsurfers who enjoy a satisfying mix of freeride and wave conditions. The local scene is one of the strongest in the country, as is apparent from the high number of shops. This region is always a suitable stopover on the way out west, Bournemouth being especially attractive in the summer with its pulsating nightlife and the South Coast’s prettiest women.
South Coast, West copyright John Carter

Spots in South Coast, West

Exmouth Duck Pond
Exmouth Seafront
Lyme Regis
Portland Harbour
Kimmeridge Bay
Poole Harbour - Shore Road
Branksome Chine
Boscombe Pier
Avon Beach
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