For generations Tahiti has epitomised the South Sea idyll, depicted by the paintings of Paul Gaugin and sea-faring tales like ‘Mutiny on the Bounty’. Since Laird Hamilton’s ‘Millennium Wave’ at Teahupoo, the island’s all the rage for surfers. Indeed, its position at 17° South in the South Pacific signals enormous swell potential and the surrounding coral reefs produce world-class waves. However, most of the breaks are straight onto razor-sharp reefs and many aren’t easily accessible – and despite the trade’s influence the island isn’t particularly reliable for wind. Maybe that’s why the black pearl of the South Seas is the ultimate challenge for wavesailors too.
Tahiti copyright Tim McKenna

Spots in Tahiti

Papenoo L'Embouchure
Motu Martin
Baie Phaeton
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