At 1,600km x 600km Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island. It scores big too, catching the same swell as its esteemed neighbours Mauritius and Réunion in the south-west Indian Ocean – and prevailing trade winds at these latitudes mean it’s consistently windy as well. However, very little is known about conditions on the so-called ‘sixth continent’: it’s too isolated, with too little infrastructure, and too foreign a people and culture. A trip through Madagascar is certainly gruelling, but it will leave a lasting impression: memories of epic sessions, spectacular nature and rewarding interaction with a friendly people. The southern province of Toliara presents three promising regions to kiters and windsurfers, each a day or two’s travel from the other. Fort Dauphin in the south-east offers the full spectrum from flat-water to medium and large breaks, mostly over a sandy seabed. In near total isolation towards the southernmost point, Lavanono may be the best wave spot on the island. Finally, clean left-handers break over the reefs of Anakao and Tuléar in the Mozambique Channel. The region of Fort Dauphin (‘Tolanaro’ in Malagasy) sits at the foot of a mountain chain stretching the length of the east coast. The trades, primarily NE here, accelerate nicely along the mountain barrier – strongest in September and October.
Toliara copyright Manu Morel

Spots in Toliara

Shipwreck Bay
Baie Monseigneur
Baie Signes
Vinanibe Lagoon
Vinanibe Bay
Baie des Galions
Lavanono Beachbreak
Flame Bowls
Jelly Babies
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