Las Terrenas, Dominikanische Republik, Mittelamerika & Karibik / Pura Vida, THE KITE AND WINDSUFRING GUIDE


“Just wanted to say thanks guys...the books are an integral part of all our travel planning...keep up the good work!!! Greetings from Southern France after a beautiful day with Mistral winds“
(Martin Hildebrand, Hebertshausen)

“Just leafing through it for the first time I had the irresistible urge to load up my car and start driving... Great photos, cool layout, excellent descriptions. I am excited!!“
(Bernd Juhre, Berlin)
“Your books are a dream come true!“
(Francisco Goya, PWA Wave World Champion)
“We are excited!!! I right away put them on display in the shop. Thank you and huge praise - Excellent Work!“
(Stuzi, Team-Windgeister Fehmarn)
“The bible has arrived! The EUROPE GUIDE was more than ingenious; it gave us Portugal, Spain, Brittany, Normandy, Ireland, Denmark, Baltic Sea, Southern France, Sardinia and Greece, and a camping surfari without it is unimaginable! Early today the WORLD GUIDE arrived... first I checked out the regions that I've travelled, e.g. Western Australia, Sydney, Cape Town, Red Sea, Dom. Rep, and Barbados... then flipped the pages to destinations like California, Hawaii, South's almost a shame that our Cape Town trip is already booked, the new guide makes you extremely curious about new destinations. Thanks to the Stoked Team for 4 years of work on this guide!“
(Bodo Surfer, Duesseldorf)
“The WORLD GUIDE is absolutely superb (the dogs bollocks, if you know what I mean!), it couldn't be better“
(Claudio Koch, G 543)
“Congratulations! Amazingly well written, really amazing!“
(Gaby Pfingsten, Euskirchen)
“I want to congratulate you and thank you for these amazing books. What an incredible resource for anyone wanting to travel for kitesurfing or windsurfing!“
(Pete Cabrinha)
“Congratulations to this opus! The amount and accuracy of info is just amazing. This book is a must in each and every van with kite or windsurf boards on the roof!“
(Thomas Weinhardt, President of VDWS)
“Never would have thought the thing could be that thick. And all so well organized - more info in a book is not possible!“
(Bernd Flessner, 10 times German windsurfing champion)
“Just received The Guide on time before I go for a trip to Portugal. Thank you, it is awesome!“
(David Eybert-Berard, France)
“Congratulations! The book is truly very accomplished, almost couldn't put it down yesterday. Much attention to detail, a lot of information for the next trip... Only don't know if it will be Ireland or Sweden - the book is coming along one way or the other!“
(Jörg Drzycimski)
“Congratulations on your truly accomplished Guides!“
(Jürgen Hönscheid, Fuerteventura)
“I have just recieved my copy of the GUIDE. It is brilliant, so much excellent information, really well laid out, fantastic! Thanks for all your hard work and effort.“
(Simon Rood, UK)
“Super Guides!!! It's fun to even just leaf through!“
(Arjen de Vries, Windsurfing Renesse)
“These books are the epitome of great! Need more books for the shop asap.“
(Surfcompany, Wilhelmshaven)
“Congratulations - the most important book in the life of a windsurfer!“
(Remo Masala)
“Got the book yesterday, and I must say it is FANTASTIC! So much interesting stuff to read, and beautiful pictures. Congratulations on a job really well done!“
(Mikael, Sweden)
“Just back from Sardinia - brought your guide with me and it was invaluable! It really is the best resource for wind sports that I've ever seen, I'll be buying it as Christmas presents for all my mates.“
(Daniel Macaulay, UK)


World Guide Making of - Interview Kiteworld Magazine
(Kiteworld Magazine, #49 2011 - Interview PDF download (2,7 MB))
eboarding, Juli 2010 - Interview als PDF downloaden (3,9 MB - german language))</blockquThe Globespotter - Der Mann hinter dem World Guide>
Continent Heaven, a story about a remarkable book
(BOARDS UK - Artikel als PDF downloaden (1,5 MB))
It truly became an incredible work - you even have my secret spot in it!
(Peter Arnold, ZDF sports desk)
This spotguide sets the standard!
Holy cow. I can only imagine the work that went into this - what an incredible amount of time and dedication!
(Josh Samopiero, Windsurfing Magazine, USA)
Extremely useful!
Les spots sont décris précisément avec les conditions propres à chacun et sont accompagnés de cartes très complètes. Les photos d'illustration sont récentes et de très bonne qualité. Vous trouverez aussi des informations très intéressantes sur la climatologie du globe et de chaque pays. Bravo pour ce travail de titan, et de fourmi.
This book is worth every penny!
(Mick von Oppen, PLANET RADIO)
This beast of a book is flying off the shelves! Be one of the first to be the proud owner of a copy.
(KITEWORLD Magazine)
A must have for every kite and windsurf traveler!
(Alexander Lehmann, kitelife, Windsurfing Jahrbuch, Ocean Global)
This is the perfect wave, this is the perfect book!
(Wolfram Kons, RTL)
The ultimate spot guide - first class work!
Véritable bible pour les grands voyageurs comme pour ceux qui veulent découvrir de nouveaux spots à côté de chez eux. Très instructif et très bien fait, on ne trouvera finalement qu'un seul inconvénient à ce guide, son poids (pas loin des 2 kg !), c'est dire toute la richesse d'information!!!
(, France)
A fantastic book, every kiter and windsurfer simply should have one!
(Gerd Kloos, KITE Magazine)
There's never before been such a comprehensive spot guide for kiters and windsurfers.
The book as a reference work or spot index is more than practical. You can for example very easily search destinations for the next last minute vacation or simply plan your next road trip. Even just browsing was a lot of fun for me - everyone can become an explorer here. I think the work is great! And you can really only imagine, how much work it took.
(Johannes Marczinski,
C'est l'arme absolue pour partir en trip.
(WIND Magazine, France)
What an incredible guide! Did not expect it so big and thick! Incredible job - all structured logically and clearly. Even though I don't speak german it's still easy to use just looking at the symbols
(Mariusz Golinski, Windsurfing Magazine, Poland)
Congratulations on your work - it definitely deserves the name 'spot bible'!
(Fred Niedner,
The spot almanach - an absolute must for the traveling surfer
(Surf Magazin)
What makes this 320 page creation so special: it doesn't just introduce the spots and anlyzes the wind, weather and wave conditions, but also gives you comprehensive tips for planning your trip and what you need to know when staying there - expert information for live-loving enthusiasts.
Now the WORLD GUIDE should join the EUROPE GUIDE in every glove compartment and on every bedside table.
An excellent glossy guidebook to wind- and kitesurfing spots across Europe.
(Lonely Planet)